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Contrôle de qualité


Quality System/ISO-9001 Certification

Our Quality System continually improves its effectiveness covering the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards specification.

Jiesheng Hardware(JeaSnn) has highly skilled Quality Control Engineers and Inspectors who inspect one to one products in fine detail of each manufacturing process,consistently provide Quality products to our precious customers.We are continually improving our procedures, our products and our technology so that every order and any demand results in total customer satisfaction. Because we know quality and dependability are of vital importance, our experienced Quality Control personnel thoroughly inspect all metal parts using carefully maintained measuring equipment and by conducting a series of demanding tests.

These Tests Include:

Destructive Testing of all types

Test de pulvérisation de sel

Test de dureté Rockwell

Test de ductilité

Hydrogen Embrittlement Test

Test de couple

Essai de traction

Ring & Plug Test (Full Line of Gauges)

Optical Comparitor Examination

Precision Caliper / Micrometer Examination

Available Quality Documentation Includes:

IATF 16949-JeaSnn


Inspection Reports (ISIR)

Certification des matériaux

Heat-Treat Certification

Performance Certification

Regulatory Conformance Documents(RoHS, DFARS, Conflict Materials)

Notre mission

  • meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Prevention and control of nonconforming product
  • Optimisation des processus de fabrication
  • Lowest damage

Nouveau projet

When producing spare parts for a new program we will preliminary spare part sampling . As parts move to the production stage,we will conduct input process inspection.Then conduct inspection before shipment.As follows:

Plans de contrôle

  • Inspection du matériel entrant
  • Preliminary part sampling
  • Input process quality control
  • Outgoing quality control
  • Process Flow Charts

Gestion de la qualité

Our Machinery and Equipment maintenance ,Calibration of inspection tools, process flow continuous improvement systems have allowed us to move closer to our goal of lowest damage.

Jiesheng hardware utilizes the most advanced inspection equipment and methodologies to ensure the lowest damage possible.Depending on the customer requirements and the complexity of the component, Jiesheng Hardware(Jeasnn) will utilize many quality tools such as:

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine(CMM)
  • Comparateurs optiques
  • Optical screening
  • Salt spray machines
  • Projecteur 2.5
  • Projecteur de profil
  • Spectrographe
  • Microscope
  • Profilometer surface measurement
  • Thread Measuring Gages
  • Torsion machines
  • Micromètres
  • Thread gauge
  • Etriers
  • Hardness machines
  • Jauge de broche
  • thread ring gauge

The Jiesheng Hardware (Jeasnn) Quality Management Systems ensure your most stringent specifications are being met.